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VIDEO: US Marine Officer Stuart Scheller Posted A Video Calling Out Senior Leaders In Afghanistan


On Thursday, there has been a case of a Marine officer who specializes in infantry and also the Battalion Commander stated on social media as he was airing his frustration with the people who are being designated leadership positions in the military. He stated about the handling of the US military’s withdrawal which happened from Afghanistan and he states it to be a lack of accountability for the mistakes which have been made by the people who have been charged for managing the finals stages of the longest war which American military has ever seen.

Stuart Scheller Video

Stuart Scheller Video

He stated he is not saying they need to be in Afghanistan forever but did any one of the people throw their rank on the table and did anyone say, it is a pretty bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield which is a strategic airbase before evacuating everyone. this has been stated and asked by Marine Lt.Col.Stuart Scheller in one of the recent videos which have been shared on Linkedin and Facebook.

he further stated did anyone think of this and took an action, he further asked the authorities, did anyone raised their hand and said that we have messed up completely. The video got posted by him on Thursday online by Scheller, he has identified himself as the Battalion Commander and he specializes in advanced infantry training, he shared another post on Facebook on Friday, he shared another post to Facebook as he announced he has been relieved of command.

He started his chain of command is doing exactly what he would have done if he was in their shoes, he stated he is happy about opportunities that have been provided by  AITB and he further stated to all of the news agencies who are asking for interviews, he clearly stated he is not going to be giving any interviews other than what he has posted on the social media platform.

He stated America is my home even though it has many issues and he will everything in his reach to make this country the most lethal and most effective foreign diplomacy instrument, he stated he is seeing a new light on the horizon. it has been announced by the Marine corps, he has been relieved from his duty due to a loss of trust and confidence when it comes to his ability to command, according to Maj. Jim Stenger is the spokesman for the headquarters Marine corps.

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