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VIDEO: Tristyn Bailey Walking With Alleged Killer Aiden Fucci Surveillance Video Explained!


There is a case in Florida in which a cheerleader by the name of Tristyn Bailey was last seen as alive as she was walking beside the alleged killer right before she got stabbed about 114 times and this has been shown in the surveillance video which is truly chilling. The prosecutors have released a piece of new evidence which they did on Tuesday which is in relation to 14-year-old Aiden Fucci’s murder case.
Aiden Fucci Surveillance Video

Aiden Fucci Surveillance Video

Among the evidence there is footage in which it can be seen the girl is going towards a wooded area which is after midnight on 9th May in her neighborhood at St. Johns and it has been stated by the police, it was the last time when she was seen alive. After an hour, the footage of the surveillance video shows Fucci as he is printing away from the wooded area alone, it has been stated by the police, the body was found in the woods on the same day when she got reported as missing by her family.

There has been an autopsy and according to it, Biley had 49 defensive stab wounds on her right hand and her arms, she also had about 35 stabs which she faced on her neck and her head and some of them were pretty deep and one of them was so brutal, even the knife broke in her scalp. and it seems like there is a shred of new evidence which has been released by the prosecutors, the surveillance footage of Fucci’s mother who is allegedly washing his jeans which is filled with blood.
Aiden Fucci Surveillance Video
Smith got charged in the month of June for tampering with the evidence in relation to the murder of Bailey after she turned herself in, she got released on a $25,000 bond, there are also 3 snapshots which were taken of Fucci as he was hiding behind the police vehicles as they were searching for Bailey.
Aiden Fucci Surveillance Video
The release has come after the police documents revealed that Fucci has told about killing someone to one of her close friends and stated there are voices in his head that wants him to do this and the friend later told the investigators, he also stated he is going to find a random person at night and he is going to kill the person in the woods.

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