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VIDEO: Travis Pastrana Accident Video CCTV Footage Goes Viral on Social Media


VIDEO: Travis Pastrana Accident Video CCTV Footage Goes Viral on Social Media: As per the latest report, a popular American professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer has been injured. Travis Pastrana was instantly admitted to the hospital on Saturday following a parachute stunt that went wrong in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after trying to jump from a high-rise downtown hotel to Huizenga Plaza below. He is recovering after sustaining wounds from a parachute stunt. The video of the incident is currently circulating all over the web and pulls the attention of the netizens. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Travis Pastrana Accident Video

Travis Pastrana Accident Video

In a video of the tragic incident posted on Instagram in which Pastrana can be watched attempting to control his parachute after jumping from the top of the hotel and fastly accumulating speed as he falls toward the ground. In the final seconds of the video, the 11-time X Games gold medalist can be watched landing with forceful impact in the grass close to the hotel.

The publicist of Pastrana informed local news outlet WSVN that the stuntman, who was shooting a web series at the time, suffered a broken pelvis in the accident and underwent surgery. Fortunately, his publicist told him he is expected to make an entire recovery. He said, “Surgery went well and he is excited to get the house and help up.”

Stephen Gollan, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Chief informed TMZ Sports the incident occurred on Saturday morning when a video crew was shooting in the area of Andrews Ave and Las Olas Blvd. Gollan stated in a statement, “A stunt at the time of the event did not go as planned resulting in a tough landing of a parachutist that jumped from the Hyatt Hotel.”

The extreme sports enthusiast who was named as one of the 3 judges on America’s Got Talent: Extreme in the month of October prior to the production was halted due to a stunt that went wrong-has a history of trying fear-inducing stunts over the years which includes jumping out of a plane sans a parachute in the year 2007.

Pastrana informed The Guardian in the year 2019 of the stunt that “It was kind of pass or fail, that one. It was really a trust test to watch whether my friends with parachutes liked me sufficiently to catch me in the air. It turns out it was illicit and I got in a lot of trouble. Oddly, jumping out of a plane sans a parachute is not the terrifying bit: the clinging onto your parachute-wearing companion and hoping you do not fall is.”

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