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VIDEO: Texarkana Texas Police Department Arrest That Led To Wrongful Death Suit


There is an unusual case that has taken place in Texarkana in Texas where a 23-year-old has died in police custody, at the time he was accused of felony faint and a wrongful death sentence was filed on Sunday in the federal court in Texas. The complaint was filed on the behalf of the mother of Darren Boykin, she has accused the Texas Police department officers Brent Hobbs, Sgt. William Scott, and Jerrika Weaver of violating the civil rights as they were being deliberately indifferent to a crisis that required medical assistance but their negligence resulted in the death of Darren Boykin.

Texarkana Texas Police Department Video

Texarkana Texas Police Department Video

Texas Police department cannot comment on the situation as of now as it is pending litigation. Boykin was confronted by the Texas officers in one of the buildings on campus which took place around 2:00 pm in the year 2019 which has been stated in the complaint. Boykin was responsible for many petty thefts and the officers came in to take him in custody, Boykin then allegedly passed his way past the officers and he fled on foot, he ran from the community college building to a property which was next to a convenience store which is located at the corner of College Drive and Richmond road.

He was detained about half a mile, the video from Weaver’s body camera shows Boykin being on the ground and he was handcuffed behind his back, he was breathing heavily when Weaver came in to help the other officers to detain him. The officers tell him to walk towards Weaver’s patrol car, he stated to them, he can’t and the officers carried him to the car.

They placed him in the backseat of the car, there was a search which was done by the officers and in Boykin’s pocket, there was an Ohio license and it was figured by the officers, he was on a felony warrant for doing theft in the state which is according to the footage of the body camera.

Then Hobbs arrives at the scene and he gives a bottle of water to the Texas College officers but he didn’t give water to Boykin, he was helping while he was sitting in the cruiser, Hobbs open the door and Boykin tells him about him facing difficulty in breathing and when Hobbs tells Weaver about what Boykin is stating he replied to him that he is going to be just fine.

The suit is for Weaver who has shown clear disregard towards the health of Boykin once she is told he has a felony warrant.

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