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VIDEO: Seal Relentlessly Chases Seagull Around Its Enclosure Goes Viral


Seal Relentlessly Chases Seagull Around Its Enclosure Goes Viral: There is a video of a seal that is causing a seagull has gone total viral on the internet who has stolen his fish is being met with so much hilarity online, there is a seal sanctuary which is on the British coast who have posted this video of one of their grey seals naming Buddy.

Seal Relentlessly Chases Seagull Around Its Enclosure

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary uploaded the clip to their TikTok page and people have gone bonkers over the video as it is so funny and hilarious to see, the video stated “Buddy is not a fan of anyone who is trying to steal his fish”. In the video, you are going to be seeing the marine mammal wobbling on the ground as it is relaxing his blubbery body around the edge of the water.

Seal Relentlessly Chases Seagull Video

But it seems like Seagull is the one who is always staying one step ahead of the seal who was the quick movement of his legs to evade the seal, at on point you are going to be seen Buddy who is going to stop and with perfect synchronization, the bird stops too which is just amazing to see.

@cornishsealsanctuaryBuddy is not a fan of the seagulls trying to steal his fish 😂🙈 #sealtok #harbourseal #sealsoftiktok #seadoggo #seagull #sanctuary

♬ original sound – Jannie Grobler

The clip has been viewed over 250,000 times as of now, then there was a separate which was posted later which was about the 7th birthday of Buddy, a special fish cake was made for him by the staff and the video shows the mammal who is tucking into his treat with so much joy and happiness, the cake has fishes sticking from all angles.

If you visit the official site of the sanctuary you are going to know about the origins of Buddy, you can see the details about the animals in which it has been mentioned about Buddy that he is living with his mom, dad, and brother in the sanctuary. It has been further stated that the animals are friendly and they are very funny at times and they love the animal care team who takes care of them all the time.

The sanctuary is home to grey seals which include the likes of Sheba, Ray, Yule logs, and Marlin, it has been stated by Jana Sirova who is the general manager of the sanctuary, they have been operating for about 60 years now, they have been rescuing animals. they have been rehabilitating seals and providing a forever home to these innocent and harmless animals.

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