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VIDEO: Retired SEAL’s Afghanistan Exit Strategy Video Goes Viral Amid Biden Withdrawal


Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, one gets to read some new news every day. A video of a retired Navy SEAL has gone viral on social media which created hype on the internet. This video was posted by the retired Navy in which he imitates to be the president of the US giving a national address and talking over the current situation in Afghanistan in which he taking the blame for the turmoil and “critical errors” made in the process of withdrawal and giving his solution for how to take out stranded Americans. 

Jocko Willink Video

Jocko Willink Video

Jocko Willink shared the three and half minute video to his Instagram on Monday, 23rd August 2021 night along with the caption, “If I were ever the president and I had put our nation into the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, I would tell America, our enemies, our allies and the world, something like this…” In his black and white video, I wanted to make you updated on the present situation in Afghanistan this month and as we started the final drawdown, I made some critical errors.”

He further said he “overestimated” the power and strength of the Afghan forces while “underestimating” the power of the Taliban. This video came just after a week after Kabul (the capital city of Afghanistan) was captured by the Taliban forces in a lightning insulting, facilitate fro the assertive group to take over the nation. The war-torn nation has seen thousands trying to move away or flee since.

Retired Navy SEAL, accentuates that “this” was his fault, adding that “10000 of Americans” and allies continue on the ground “stranded”. In the entire video, Willnik explained the steps he would take to settle the conflict and rescue the allies and American citizens including swift saving missions and destroying and recovering military apparatus left behind.

“In the coming 48 hours, America will be seen in control of most major airports located in Afghanistan. Any contrary we met from the Taliban or otherwise-when we grab these airports-will demolished entirely and without mercy. Anyone who impedes with these operations will be murdered.” Willnik detailed that after these steps, the US would pursue to monitor Afghanistan particularly for the acts of terrorism or human rights, offering support till the enemy” is no longer a threat to humanity or the aristocrat of Afghanistan.”

At the end of the video, “May God bless America, and may God give mercy on the spirit of our foes because we will not.”

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