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VIDEO: Racist Florida Aggressive Man Detained At Miami International Airport Video Goes Viral


There has been a case of a man who has displayed a lot of anger, he was also being a racist, and not only this, he even became violent during the course of the scene, the scene took place at the Miami International Airport. The whole incident was caught on camera and from there it got shared on many social media platforms, this is when the whole scenario came in front of the eyes of the public, the footage is of a man who is having a complete meltdown.

Miami International Airport Video

Miami International Airport Video

The incident occurred at gate D23, the gate of American Airlines and it can be seen in the video, there is an angry man who was seeing storming and rushing towards employees as he was menacing them, he was even faking violence at the time before he stormed off. He got angrier and started rushing towards the employees, he then returns back to the scene, he goes on to pick up a Pylon and then flings it before he attempted to punch one of the employees and the video ends disrupting before the airport police arrived.

It is being cautioned to the viewers who are going to be seeing the video, the video is going to be containing racist language, display of violence and also cursing is going to be involved so watch the video if you can handle the abuse the man was implementing on the airport staff.

It has been stated by the sources that the incident has taken place on Friday night which has happened over an alleged masking incident. It seems like such cases keep on coming up, there are people who are continuing to these kinds of incidents, obviously, these people are not connected to each other which makes it scarier, it seems like it is very convenient for people to take out their frustration the employees at the airport which is just not acceptable.

This kind of case has been seen too often for people’s liking, it seems like there is no end to such behaviour, people getting outraged for no reason, shouting at airport staff, portraying criminal behaviour seems to have become common when it comes to airports which is something beyond my understanding as to why people have to behave in such a manner.

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