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VIDEO: Python Exploded Stomach After Eating Cow Video Goes Viral


There has been a video of a python that has gone completely viral on the internet, the video is of 15 ft Burmese python which was discovered by a framer in the Phitsanulok province in Northern Thailand last Saturday. The giant python was trying to chew off more than his body can handle, he was seen with a torn stomach after he has gulped a whole freak in the cow. The clip has been posted online.

Python Exploded Stomach After Eating Cow

Python Exploded Stomach After Eating Cow Video

It can be seen on the video that the snake is all over the place as it tried to bite off something which has now become the reason for his death as it was something his stomach couldn’t handle at all and he died. it has been stated by the experts, his stomach became swollen after he was struggling to digest the giant meal which he ate at the time without realizing this is going to be his last meal as he wasn’t aware of the fact that he cannot consume the meal without damaging himself.

Python Exploded Stomach After Eating Cow

Snakes choose their meal after a proper analysis but it seems like this time the python was slightly off track to have this meal, it could be, he was pretty hungry at the time and didn’t think too much about the consequences of eating such a huge meal. one of the officials from the village has also stated, the python must be really hungry and this is the reason why he attacked the cow and tried to consume it as the snake strangled the cow before eating the whole body which wasn’t the best idea for the snake.

Python Exploded Stomach After Eating Cow

It has been stated by National Geographic, Burmese Python have an amazing ability when it comes to digesting food which is almost double their body size, it has been stated they wrap themselves around the prey and then crush it to death with brutal muscle strength and they follow the meal as a whole. And it seems like the particular python’s digestive system was not at its best as the cow just ruptured the skin of the python completely and it was pretty evident, python was having a really tough time digesting his meal which was 2 times the size of it the python and this has resulted in the death of the cow and the python.

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