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VIDEO: Police probing party video on no-movement day involving Floyd Green


VIDEO: Police probing party video on the no-movement day involving Floyd Green: A video released by Prime Minister ‘Andrew Holness’ has been making the headlines. This created a buzz among social media and television. The video is grabbing a lot of controversies. As the content inside the video is related to the resigned or former Agriculture Minister. Floyd Greens have been seen doing partying with others, on the no-moment day. And it is also sent to the police for further investigation.

Police probing party video

Holness stated on this while he was on the tour, “do we still need to say that there is a need to further investigation.”  He was on the vacation at Windward Road Primary which is in St Andrew. It isn’t a matter which must be not be ignored and treated lightly. They must look into it. He didn’t stop here and further added that “this is so disappointing to see a video and in this way, Green also expresses his own disappointment. And he even said that he will not be going to make anyone done and reacts to such actions in the future. So he must apologize to the nation for their actions.”

He continues with one more statement that, “I’m also apologizing to the nation that this has been taking place and we must have to be set a tone as the society we wished for and being an authority this must not happen.”

In the press conference, Andrews comes forward and he says that police is investigating this matter.

In a video, we will be going to see that Green was attending a party at the no movement day. Along with Green, you will also be going to see St Andrew Municipal Corporation, Mona, and Andrew Bellamy.

People are now taking to Twitter and they are expressing their opinion about it. they are also aginst of it and demanding further investigation. The situation is being examined deeply. The police are checking details like, party destination, people saw in the party, timings of the party, stuffs in the party, how long party went for, and who eas drunk at the party.

Weel Andrew at the conference says that the NO Movement dau will continue for two more weeks. And this for the new surge in the covid -19. Andrew also says that the days are as follows Sunday, September 5; Monday, September 6; Tuesday, September 7; Sunday, September 12; Monday, September 13; and Tuesday, September 14.

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