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VIDEO: Olympia Protest Shooting Portland Proud Boy ‘Tiny’ Toese shot at the protest


There has been a video of a violent clash which is involving radical left and right-wing factions when it comes to Olympia, it seems like Washington has emerged on the social media platform on Saturday and the initial reports have indicated that one person had been shot during the mayhem.

Olympia Protest Shooting Video

Olympia Protest Shooting Video

The video is showing a member of the right-wing group naming Proud Boys who have been shot in the leg during a skirmish which happened, this is the result of a duelling protest, Fox News has not verified the identity of the individual and the police present at the Olympia did not respond at the time of the publication.

In one of the videos you can hear a man shouting, Tiny got shot in the leg which can be heard in the video clearly, it seems for now it is unclear as to how the altercation started off and what provoked the gunmen to take such a step. Antifa which is a far-left organization had called for a demonstration in Washington state which ultimately came down to the confrontation against the right-wing naming Proud Boys.

Police responded to the shooting and it could be seen in one of the videos which have been posted, they are trying to cordon off the area but as of now it is unclear if there has been any kind of arrest has been made or if there is a suspect who has been identified.

It seems like gunfire cases have become pretty usual in the capital Washington, the authorities are failing to contain such acts, this is not the first time we are hearing such a news, there are rallies and movements in which it has been seen there have shots fire, at least this time no one has died, there have been many a times in Washington that such an incident has happened and someone has to lose his life for no reason at all.

There has to be proper reinforcements which should be placed at the time of such movements , this is something which is happening too often, the authorities need to keep a check of such situations when you already know things aren’t the best in these times.

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