Home Entertainment VIDEO: NY Giants Nick Gates Leg Injury Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: NY Giants Nick Gates Leg Injury Video Goes Viral


NY Giants Nick Gates Leg Injury Video: One more player got injured while playing the game and leaves the game on the cart. On Friday morning, Nick Gates, New York Giants offensive lineman is set to go through surgery after suffering a grisly left leg injury. This incident has happened in the 1st quarter of the Thursday night game against to Washington Football team. It has appeared that he got his leg rolled up in order to try the block Daron Payne, the defensive lineman of Washington. Medical staff placed the leg of Gates into an air cast whereas his coach Joe Judge tried to comfort him. 

NY Giants Nick Gates Leg Injury Video

NY Giants Nick Gates Leg Injury Video

After being injured, this young lineman managed to put a smile on his face and waved to the crowd as he was carried to the locker room. Later on, The Giants informed that Gates suffered a fracture in the lower leg. Gates’ injury was so bad that the NFL Network broadcast elected not to show a replay of this incident scene. Gates informed his agent Jon Perzely, “I snapped that s*** in half.”

This injury came when Gates got twisted with Washington defensive gear Jonathan Allen with 05:57 left in the 1st quarter. He was contorting in pain and tossed his helmet as medical staff hurriedly came to the field. The entire Giants team and part of the Washington sideline came forward to wish him well. Then Gates was admitted to a local hospital where he stay overnight. Saquon Barkley said “Nick’s a fighter ma and a good leader. He is the captain of the team for a reason. But seeing him down, you can watch the impact it had on his team.”

The team Giants shifted Gates to left guard for the game which was played on Thursday after beginning left guard Shaw Lemieux was placed on wounded reserve with an injury in the knee. Gates, 25 years the product of Nebraska is in his 3rd season with New York. In the last season, he played all sixteen games for the team Giants. Apart from this, he has also played in each of the 16 games of the team in the year 2019, starting at three.

The judge stated, “Look, I can not say enough about Nick in terms of what he does for his team and how he works. The spirit, competitiveness, and energy he brings on a daily basis. He is an all-in team boy. He is a very good and selfless player and o doubt he has been a good leader for this team.”

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