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VIDEO: Newstead Fire Moment historic Brisbane home goes up in flames


Newstead Fire: There is a Newstead home that has no choice but to get demolished, it is going to be rebuilt after there was a fire that was deliberate by nature, this took place on Wednesday night. Newstead Fire happened shortly after 9:00 pm, there were two crews who were called to rescue the situation, Tasmania fire services were called to Kintial crescent as the neighbours reported a blaze coming out. It has been further stated, the house wasn’t occupied at the time.

Newstead Fire

Newstead Fire

It has been stated by the neighbours, the house was fully furnished but no one was residing in the house, the owner last came to visit the house on Saturday. There was a neighbour who doesn’t wish to be identified stated, he got woken up just after 9:00 pm as everything which he was hearing at the time was sounding like a firework.

He further stated, he heard ‘bang bang bang’ and he saw outside, the house was on fire, He further stated he went outside and was trying to put water on it but it just went on to explode as if there were fireworks inside.

Newstead Fire

They further stated, everyone in the locality got worried as everyone was worried about the nearing houses as they can also catch fire because of what is going on. The intensity of the heat was pretty high but everything was under control as crews arrived at the scene within ten minutes and they handled the situation pretty well.

It has been stated by the neighbours, the smoke alarm at the property did go off as the fire was tearing through which has been stated by the neighbours. One of the officers naming Health Bracey said, as the crews got to the property, the fire intensity was so much in power that we can surely call it an external attack.

Newstead Fire

He stated the damages are too extensive and the property has to be demolished in order to rebuild, the estimated cost has been stated as $400,000, there were n8 firefighters who were involved in extinguishing the blaze, the investigation is going on and it has been further stated by the TFS spokesperson that the fire has been lit deliberately.

The authorities are asking for the assistance of the people in order to find the culprit who is responsible for this act and the number which has been provided by the authorities is 131 444, if anyone has any kind of knowledge about the scene, then do contact the authorities on the number.

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