Home News VIDEO: Muslim NGO apologizes after Ikram Merdeka film cops flak for racism

VIDEO: Muslim NGO apologizes after Ikram Merdeka film cops flak for racism


There has been a video which has been produced by a Muslim NGO which has been made to bring some sense of unity in the minds of the Malaysians but it seems like the video has backfired when it was seen to be imitating the stereotypes and since then the video has been taken down. The video went viral on the internet which is showing a Malay father describing Chinese and Indians in some derogatory terms and the video is stereotyping them as drunk drivers and gangsters.

Ikram Merdeka Video

Ikram Merdeka Video

There was a minute-long video which was commissioned from Ikram for Merdeka, in the video, it was seen there was a father sitting on a chair as he was looking at some videos on his phone while the son doing his homework at a nearby table and his mother is cleaning up the table in the background. They were scrolling through some videos as the father started stating about India and saying why they are always fighting and saying what is happening to Malaysia, these people are always driving straight into trouble because of drinking,

To which his wife stated to him, Islam doesn’t teach us to say such things about someone and then the video shows the kid who has drawn Chinese, Malay and Indian having the Malaysian flag in the background. and as her son is showing her the pictures he has drawn, at first she looks all fine but then she notices that the kid has written some slang which is culturally pretty bad too which she corrected him. and then the boy is saying in the video,” I was not taught to be a racist, I was not born as one”.



The vice president of Ikram has stated that they are going to be commenting about the video pretty soon but not at this point in time. It seems like they never had any bad intentions, they were genuinely trying to make a video for awareness purposes, the first part of the video seems to be a little over the top but the message they were trying to give was not wrong at all.

The video has gained a lot of fo attention and it seems like many people are outraged and many people are calling it a minor blunder and some of them are defending them saying they were just trying to send a positive message across the masses and they had their own idea of it which didn’t work out that well for them.

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