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VIDEO: Mitch Georgiades In Car Accident leaves Teen Scooter Rider Hospitalised


There is a police investigation which is underway as of this point in time after a young gun from Port Adelaide was involved in a road accident which became the reason of a 16-year-old getting admitted to the hospital. The name of the guy is Mitch Georgiades who has involved in a car crash with a 16-year old driving a scooter.

Mitch Georgiades Car Accident Video

Mitch Georgiades Car Accident Video

The accident took place on Thursday morning, after the collision, the16 year old was rushed to the hospital immediately but she has managed to avoid serious injuries which is a piece of good news for her and her family and friends. It has been stated by the media, he was pulling out his car when he hit the girl on the scooter.

This happened around 9:00 am in the morning as she was going to her school on Grange road which is in Henley Beach. The witness stated they heard a loud bang and it was stated by the locals, crashes do occur frequently at the location which is involving the teenage girl and Georgiades.

There is a statement that has been released by the South Australian Club confirming that the incident took place on Thursday in the morning as they were stating about the accident. Mitch is a player who plays for Port Adelaide Football Club and there has been a statement which has been given by the club regarding the incident.

They have stated the club is aware of the incident which is involving the players of the club which involves a minor in a road accident that happened on Thursday in the morning, they further stated, the player remained at the scene and cooperated with the authorities.

He has not been injured in the whole incident, it has been confirmed by the police authorities, the investigation is going onto find out whether the player failed to give the way to the girl, there is also an important game which is coming up for the player, he is going to be playing the preliminary finals against the winner of Brisbane and if it is found out that he was in the wrong in the whole situation then it can become difficult for him to play the match which is pretty important to him.

We will be updating you more about the story as soon as something new comes under our radar as this is a developing story as of this point in time.

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