Home News VIDEO: Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake hits Mexico near Acapulco

VIDEO: Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake hits Mexico near Acapulco


Earthquake 9 miles from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico · 9:47 AM, VIDEO: Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake hits Mexico near Acapulco: On Tuesday night, 7th September 2021, around 7.1 magnitude earthquakes bang near the port city of Acapulco as per the statement given by Mexico’s seismological agency. According to their statement, this earthquake shaking the capital, Mexico City more than 231 miles away. As a result, in this tremble at least one person has died, the authorities informed.

Mexico Earthquake Today

Mexico Earthquake Today

According to the statement of Mexico’s National seismological service (MNSS) in which they stated that the quake banged about 7 miles southwest of Acapulco just prior to around 9:00 PM local time. MNSS recorded 92 aftershocks in the hours after the tremble. Images from the city circulated on social media showed cracked, devasted, and damaged buildings, fallen lamp posts, and streets scattered with broken glasses.

The Civil Protection agency for Guerrero state, home to Acapulco stated that the quake had direct to power and phone interruption of services. Videos from both Mexico City and Acapulco also showed the night sky which was lit up with electrical flashes as power lines buckled and swayed. The statement was given by The Federal Electricity Commission in which stated that 1.6 million users were left sans power in Mexico City and the states of Morelos, Mexico, Oaxaca, and Guerrero.

The Police said, in the capital, buildings swayed for many seconds, power lines and inhabitants hurriedly come outside in order to find safe ground. Few neighborhoods in Mexico City have faced a power cut. The Governor of Guerrero state, Hector Astudillo during an interview with a local radio station stated that one person had passed away from a falling post in the town of Coyuca de Benitez west of Acapulco.

He further added that there had been reports of landslides and falling rocks and that walls had fallen down in Chilpancingo (the state of the capital). On Tuesday evening, many parts of Acapulco faced the power cut. “We are trying to collect more information on this.” A member of the Red Cross in Chilpancingo stated it had received no such major injuries. The health secretary stated that there had no such person admitted to the hospital after this tremble.

The United States tsunami warning system released a warning for Mexico, however, the civil protection office stated that later that there was no danger of a tsunami. The US Geological Survey stated that the quake, which is measured at 7.0 was very superficial only 7. miles subterranean, which would have amplified the effect of shaking. A video posted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that “There was no serious damage has happened”, the video was posted around 11:00 PM ET.

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