It seems like the investigators are in between the process to determine the cause of a factory fire that got to a dangerous level which happened in Durban as the firefighters are spending hours when they are trying to get the fire under control which has been happening in the morning since Wednesday.

Jacobs Fire Video

Jacobs Fire Video

One of the advanced life support paramedics naming Garrith Jamieson, the fire broke out at 2:00 am when we talk about Balfour Road which happened in the Jacobs area. He stated paramedics came on the scene together with the fire department to find a company that is well equipped for this.

As you can see in the images, the factory was getting burned quite quickly after which the fire started spreading quickly all over the neighborhood, paramedics are still there to assist in any way but it seems like there have been no people who have been injured.

Around 7:00 am, it was stated by Jamieson who said that the fire was still going on and was active but it was under control because of the firefighters. He has further stated it has caused the community a lot of damage to the factory and the neighboring businesses.

This is still a developing story and it seems like the situation is under control as there has been no case of injuries and everyone in the community is safe and sound as the place has been evacuated on time.

Jacobs Fire Video

there are many details that have not been stated as of yet and it is because the investigation is still going on and there are many things which are going to be unfolded as the situation is pretty drastic as of this point in time as there have been too many damages and the community businesses have suffered a lot which is going to be drastic for the local businesses.

but it seems like the government is going to be doing their best to recover their houses and buildings and are going to be helping out the community to help rebuild the damages which are going to be a sigh of relief for the locals.

it seems like the situation is in full control, the authorities have been top-notch in handling the situation as there are no injuries and everyone is safe and sound which is the biggest cheer from the whole situation.


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