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VIDEO: GWS Giants Toby Greene Umpire Video UNSEEN Clip Goes Viral


Toby Greene Umpire Video: There is a video which has come out of the person naming Toby Greene, the video is being circulated on the internet by the name of ‘Toby Greene Umpire video‘. He has been referred to the AFL Tribunal for intentional contact with the umpire naming Matt Stevic.

Toby Greene Umpire Video

Toby Greene Umpire Video

It has been assessed as intentional contact with the umpire, it has been stated under the guidelines: Contact with the umpire in an aggressive, demonstrative, forceful, or disrespectful manner is going to be deemed intentional and the player is directly going to be returning to the tribunal, there is a new angle of Green’s three-quarter time on the filed which has helped to seal his fate.

During the match which was between Giants and Sydney was a complete thriller but in the end, Giants came out on top, and in the match, it was seen, an agitated Greene walking towards the umpire naming Stevic as he made shoulder to shoulder contact with the official.

There was a statement given by AFL stating, Toby Greene has been charged with Intentional umpire contact which he has portrayed against the umpire naming Matt Stevic which happened during the third quarter of the elimination final which happened between GWS Giants and the Sydney Swans, the game was played in UTAS Stadium on Saturday dating to 28th August 2021.

They have further stated, he has been referred directly to the Tribunal and he cannot accept an early plea on the matter, has been further stated, based on the evidence which is available, it has been assessed as a violation towards the umpire, it has been classified to be a direct referral to the Tribunal and the player cant have an early plea in the matter.

Here is a picture of the angle which has confirmed that he was intentionally trying to come in contact with the umpire as he seems to be agitated, the level of force is considered to be irrelevant in such matters. The news is getting worse for the GWS, the player has likely fractured his forearm, Isaac Cumming has rolled his ankle, Sam Reid is facing a minor hamstring and it seems like 4 of the best players of GWS are injured in some or the other way.

There is a number of people who believe there has been no contact as this is how it is appearing from the initial angle which appeared during the broadcast of the match but the new angle which has come into play clearly shows a contact which was surely intentional.

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