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VIDEO: Grand Jury Indicts Police Officers and Paramedics In 2019 Death of Elijah Mcclain


There are 5 medics and suburban Denver police officers who have been indicted by the grand jury at Colorado which is in connection with the death which happened 2 years ago, the death was of a young black man who was walking towards his home from the store.

Elijah Mcclain Video

Elijah Mcclain Video

The name of the person who lost his life was Elijah McClain who died at the age of 23, he was thrown to the ground at the time, he was then put into the carotid artery chokehold which has been banned now, he was then given a tranquilizer naming ketamine which was done by Aurora police and by the medics on 24th August 2019.

The police responded to a call, about a guy wearing a face mask as a store who was there to buy some iced tea, he was never accused by the caller for any of the crimes, the caller was being suspicious about him and reported him to the police as he was black which is such a shame.

According to the footage which got released because of the body-worn camera, he was begging the police authorities not to harm him in any sense, he was having an issue with breathing at the time, he choked upon his own vomit, after which he suffered from a heart attack and he never got recovered.

It has also been stated by his family, he was a violin player and a massage therapist, he was declared brain dead in the hospital and the news came of his death after being admitted to the hospital for six days, it was concluded by the grand jury that the police authorities applied gruesome force for restraining him.

Even though they had no such evidence which can state that he is responsible for some kind of theft or whatnot, it was further concluded that the paramedics used an unhealthy amount of tranquilizer which becomes a deadly weapon legally, the five defendants then went to face charges which were of manslaughter and assault.

Once the charges are going to be filed, the police officers who are in question are going to be suspended without the charges which are going to be formally filed by the prosecutors, it seems like it was unclear as of Wednesday if they are going to be taken to the custody or not, Woodyard and Roedema were former US Marines.

It has been stated the family of the deceased, nothing is going to bring back their son but they are thankful for the jury and the prosecutors to find out about the culprits who have caused the sad demise of their beloved family member.

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