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VIDEO: Georgia, Nick Cox, Parents Demand Action After Viral Video Shows His Brutal Assault


There is a video of a teen which has gone completely viral on the internet, the teen seems to be getting brutally attacked in the video in Gwinnett County in Georgia and the video is getting circulated all over the internet. Nick Cox is currently suffering from severe injuries and there is a GoFund Me page that has been set up to fundraise to assist him with his medical bills.

Nick Cox Georgia Video

Nick Cox Georgia Video

There is always this question which gets raised in such videos as to why the person who is recording the video is not helping the person who is getting beaten up and it seems like this is exactly what has happened as the 17-year-old Max Cox who is a high school student who has been the lastest victim of school violence and bullying. as the clip has gone viral, people are concerned about his condition as to how is he now and what his physical condition is.

What Injuries Did Nick Cox Sustain

It has been revealed by her mother, Alyssa Brooke Cox, her son has a broken jaw in three places, there is a clean break on the right side and there are two breaks on the left side, his jaw has gotten twisted into his mouth.

With the jaw injuries, they have no option but to feed him a liquid diet which she is doing through a syringe and he cannot even swallow 1/4 teaspoon and this is not it, he is also left with whiplash and is having severe concussion which has led to long periods of vomiting for him.

He did not provoke the attackers and even though the horrific bullying took place out of the school premises, they are still demanding the school authorities punish their students, it has been reported by the media, they were students of Buford High school and Lanier school.

and Alyssa has claimed, the condition of Nick has progressed a lot since he couldn’t even walk into the kitchen, it has also been mentioned by his father naming James stating his entire life has turned upside down after the incident.

It has been stated by the school, they cannot punish the students as the beating took place outside the premises of the school and they are helpless this situation and in response to this, there has been a petition which has been made by Cox on 23rd August as the family is demanding the education department to terminate the students from the school.

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