VIDEO: Firdaus Wong Exposes Ebit Lew’s Indecent Messages & Bedroom Leaked Videos?: It seems like Ebit Lew has found himself in a pretty discomforting situation and this is happening all over again as one of the independent preachers Firdaus Wong Wai Hung has decided to expose him publicly, he wants to expose the former’s alleged dirty laundry on the official Telegram page.

Ebit Lew

Ebit Lew Video

It has been stated by Firdaus, he found out about the shocking disclosure as an effort in order to increase public awareness, apart from encouraging those who have earlier followed victim to the famed philanthropist to lodge a police complaint against the man. It has been reported by Murai, the chatroom is containing several screenshots of the conversation of Ebit Lew with many of the victims.

Ebit Lew Ebit Lew Ebit Lew Ebit Lew

There are many of them who are even married as of this point in time, there were some requests which were about wanting them to exchange their partners and have sex in front of each other and there is an account on Twitter naming @ferdaus who claims to have the phone number of the text messages which allegedly belong to Ebit Lew.

Ebit Lew

He has stated, based upon the investigation which has been conducted by netizens, it has been found out that the number belongs to Ebit Lew which is appearing on Fadzilah Kamsah’s blog, it has been also found out by the Trecaller that the number is still active and the owner is listed by the name of Ebit Lew.

Apparently, there is a Telegram link which is under the name of “Bukti-Bukti Manga Eboit Lew”, it has also shared some clips which is showing an individual who is resembling the preacher as he is behaving indecently on the bed, it has been stated that the Telegram account is at least subscribed by 12,000 users.

It has been further reported, the most videos which are on the Telegram handle have garnered about 90,000 views in total. However, it has been stated by Firdaus that he and his team are prepared if there are going to be certain parties complaining about the person in order to take legal action against him and they are going to remain with the victims in order to seek justice for them and in order to fight for the truth.

It seems like he is in big trouble if these complaints are going to be facts then he is definitely been in the wrong and he should be punished with a befitting outcome, the investigation is going on at the moment and we are going to be providing with everything which is going to be released further in the public domain regarding the case.


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