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VIDEO: Crate Challenge Shooting Tiktok’s Trend Ended with Shooting


These days a trend is seeing all over the internet which makes everyone crazy. These days a trend is seeing all over the internet which makes everyone crazy. Many TikTok users are making videos while performing this challenge and the name of the challenge is “Milk Crate Challenge”. The challenge sees people agglutinate a ladder of up to 8 milk crates and trying to ascend them like stairs without dropping down. These challenge videos can easily be found on social media platforms this week, but this trend has been finding fault online after it appears in a number of serious injuries.

Crate Challenge Shooting

Crate Challenge Shooting Video

Now, one more video is going viral that shows the moment that individual opened fire although a group of people was shooting the viral trend. Let’s find out what the entire incident is and why someone shoots a group of people. Just read the entire article carefully to know the news.

Opened Firing At The Time Of Filming Milk Crate Challenge

A video went viral on social media platforms this week that manifest the moment people were shot at drive-by filming in Shreveport in Louisiana. A group of people was shooting TikTok’s viral Crate Challenge when a car comes and shoot. In the video clip, a man can be seen trying to climb on the milk crates prior to gunshots are heard and the group fastly dispels.

The man shot screams “get my gun, get my gun” as he runs and takes cover behind a vehicle. As per the report of KSLA News, the incident happened on West 70th Street on the evening of Sunday, 22nd August 2021.

3 People Were Allegedly Shot 

The cop told KSLA that one man passed away, another man was injured and a lady was found dead in the back seat of a car hours later. All three were allegedly victims of the drive-by opened fire outside Linwood Public Charter School. The woman who has been killed identifies as 19-year-old Paris King. As per the spokesperson of police, the driver of the vehicle stated that he dashed after his vehicle was shot at but stopped when he realized Paris had demised.

It is currently not known yet whether the man who was walking over the crates was the one who shot.

Milk Crate Challenge Causes Serious Wounds

Although the drive-by shooting was not directly linked with the trend of the Milk Crate Challenge, now it has been criticized for consequences in serious injuries. Some people are pile-up towers of up to 8 milk crates which almost always topple over as they are made of insubstantial plastic. Dr. Shawn Anthony, Orthopedic surgeon told The Today Show: The Milk Crate Challenge is very menacing and we are seeing many orthopedic wounds as a result of drop down.”

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