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VIDEO: Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck 7-Year-Old Bit By Cobra For 2 Hours


Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck: There is a 6-year-old who is oscillated between life and death and this happened for two hours when a cobra went on to wrap itself around her neck and then the deadly reptile bit her arm but the good news is, the child has miraculously survived the gruesome attack. The incident has taken place in Maharashtra on 12th September and this has been reported by NDTV, the incident took place on Wednesday and it was declared the child was out of danger, the victim has been identified as Purvi Gadkari, she hails from a rural village of Wardha.

Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck

Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck

There is a video of the incident which is being circulated on social media which is showing the terrified little girl lying on a mattress on the floor of her house, the footage shows a cobra who has wrapped itself around the girl’s neck, the hood of the snake can be seen as it is fully spread behind her back. There have been reports, Gadkari was asked to lie quietly and was asked not to provoke the reptile as it is going to bite her, in the video you can see that the girl is following the instructions and she is lying motionless while the family members rush to get a snake charmer.

Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck

The child was rushed to a hospital which was nearby and she underwent treatment for about four days, it is said that cobras deliver neurotoxins which are enough to kill a person in a single bite, the girl has managed to survive though, she is soon going to be returning home after she gets treated. There has been a similar incident in Maharashtra where two children were bitten by a cobra as they were sleeping inside their home last week, it seems like the children were asleep with their parents, they were sleeping on the floor when the reptile attacked them, though both of the children were bitten, the parents were completely unaware of the scenario at the time.

Cobra Wraps Itself Around Child Neck

They came to know about the whole incident after father started to feel something ‘cold’ which was slithering against his leg. It seems like India accounts for the highest number when it comes to snakebite cases and deaths in the whole world, the figures indicate an average of 58,000 deaths per year. It is sad to see such cases come across every year in the country, this is something that should be analyzed and there should be a solution to this as there are so many people losing their lives because of these snake bites.


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