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VIDEO: Amy Woods Daughter Gracie Wood in Racist Video Controversy Explained


VIDEO: Amy Woods News Anchor Daughter Gracie Wood in Racist Video Controversy Explained: The adolescent daughter of a famous local news anchor in Greenville, South Carolina, is covering the headlines of the news after she was caught on video making homophobic and racist comments. Gracie Wood is the daughter of WSPA Channel 7’s anchorwoman Amy Wood, was captured on video making distressfully racist comments about minorities like advocating for the shifting of “Middle Easterners” as “all they do is wanna assassinate people”. As per GoUpState, the 2 videos featuring the daughter of Wood were first posted by the Instagram account by the name @saucecarolina. The news site reported that the husband of Wood and the father of Gracie is Mike Wood, a Spartanburg County magistrate judge. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amy Woods

Who is Amy Woods News Anchor?

Readers can watch the videos later in this blog, but be careful that the sentiments and language expressed in them are highly disturbing. At the time of the now-viral video clip, a person asked Wood how she felt about Africans, and she shouted “assassinate them!” even suggesting that the powers that be should “explode the entire continent of Africa!”


After that, someone asked her how she felt about Germans, and in this reply, she responded, “They all are Nazis, but since you all hate homosexual people and Black people. I support” prior to giving a “Nazi Salute” and screaming “Hail Hitler!” Not only this but Wood also complimented the homicidal dictator stating that “Honestly, Hitler was a pretty quality man and he went out the right way by assassinating himself. I feel like I would rather assassinate myself than be assassinated by a firing squad. ”

Amy Woods Daughter Gracie Wood in Racist Video

In a 2nd video, she was asked to say her favorite racial mumbles. She stated in the highly racist and disturbing commentary which reads that “Monkey. All Black People seem to like monkeys. You cannot convince me differently. They absolutely look like they should grow ears and have a tail.”

The news website also talked to a local Black Lives Matter activist named Bruce Wilson, who stated of Mike and Amy Wood: “They were completely mortified by this and I could normally feel how apologetic they were as they understood this hurt so many individuals. I believe there was some squint pressure engaged in this, and this type of talk and behavior was not taught in their house.”


In a released statement posted to her Facebook page, Amy Wood make an apology on the behalf of Gracie, who has not commented yet. Gracie Wood is 17-years-old. Wood labeled the video of her daughter’s comments vile and disgusting in a statement she posted to Facebook on Thursday, 13th of January 2022.

An Emmy Award-winning news Anchor is making the headlines as she is going through a controversy. We are talking about Amy Woods here. She is under backlash since the video of her daughter went viral. Gracie Wood’s video is viral all over the world due to her being the anchor Amy Wood. She has a huge fan base and with her professionalism, she has been won many hearts. The way she presents herself on the tv is amazing and so eye-catchy. She has been working on the sets of 7 News at 6, 7 News at 7, and Carolina’s Family at 4.

Being such a renowned and most renowned personality she is going through such a hard and dark time these days, as videos of her daughter being racist and homophobic chants, are going viral. Due to this, she is facing such a bad time. You must be getting curious to know what is inside the video. So you guys are on the right platform and in the article below we will go to update with the complete details and the content inside the video.

Amt Wood daughter Gracie Wood racist video on Reddit and controversy explained?

The daughter of Amy Wood is in controversy due to her video. This video of her getting viral on Reddit and the year there are releasing their own comments and opinions on the video. Not only on Reddit but also on the rest of the social platforms to the video is scattering and it is the most trading topic to be discussed. There are two vide that are posted on Reddit one is on Wednesday while the other one is on Thursday. In the video, we will see Gracie Wood using racist and homophobic language.

Due to which she is making the news headlines and her video is also facing the harness of the people. Later this video is also posted by the account @saucecarolina. This account has huge followers. And aks says to the media that it isn’t revealed the initial source of this video. Whares the words Gracie uses in her video are directly raising questions about her upbringing.

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