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VIDEO: Alan Rickman Pancreatic Cancer: Voices Of Celebrities Died From Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Video


VIDEO: Alan Rickman Pancreatic Cancer: In an awareness video, the voices of the celebrities who lost their lives due to pancreatic cancer have been used in charity videos in order to raise awareness of the disease and the voices include Sir John Hurt, Patrick Swayze, and Alan Rickman. A plead from Pancreatic Cancer UK paired titbits from the stars shows and interviews with an associating animation to raise awareness of the disease. The piece also used many shocking facts to deliver the combined message to educate the public about pancreatic cancer and what they can do to assist. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Alan Rickman Pancreatic Cancer Video

Alan Rickman Pancreatic Cancer Video

Other popular voices, such as ex-Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, can be heard in an associating audio piece. Jobs says, “I did not even know what a pancreas was. The doctors informed me this was almost often a type of cancer that is untreatable,” The piece appeared as part of Pancreatic Awareness Month, and the charity states that in the spite of the number of high-profile demises, little is known about the disease.

A recent survey conducted by ComRes on around 2,000 people across the United Kingdom, discovered that only 8% of the public knew the most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The symptoms including weight loss, back pain, and indigestion are indistinct, and there is no simple test to assist doctors to diagnose it. Pancreatic Cancer UK states that directs several people to be diagnosed too late to get lifesaving treatment.

They plead, titled Lost Voices: Help us to break through the silence, was under the production of Jon Holmes and hopes to get donations to fund research breakthroughs that will save lives. Rickman’s widow and trustee for Pancreatic Cancer UK, Rima Horton states that “It is hard to put into words just how truly terrific pancreatic cancer is and I think that is a significant part of why it has been neglected- why in 40 years we have watched barley any improvement in the chances of someone survival.

She further added, “The utter activity at the heart of Lost Voices would have excited Alan, and I am so pleased that he is part of this noble cause. The message he and the other incredibly talented people we have lost because of this lethal pancreatic cancer have for the public is urgent. Pancreatic cancer is the fatal common cancer, but searching for a cure is not a lost cause. With more research, I know that a breakthrough will be surely made that will assist save thousands of lives.”

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Pancreatic Cancer

1 Symptom of indigestion, such as feeling bloated, or having a feeling of burning in the chest
2 Weight Loss sans attempting to
3 Stomach pain or back pain, which may begin as tenderness or discomfort in the stomach and laid out to the back. The pain may come and go initially but become more constant after some time

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