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Who Is Victoria Tune? Suspect Helping Teen Inmate Escape


Who Is Victoria Tune? Suspect Helping Teen Inmate Escape: Recently a security guard has been taken into custody for assisting three inmates in escaping from a detention center. The arrested security guard is identified as Victoria Tune. Victoria Tune is 21 years old Louisiana security guard and he has been apprehended for helping three young convicts in fleeing from the prison. Three inmates are on run since Saturday after an alleged security officer assisted the three inmates. Since this news broke out people are scrounging web pages to learn who are the three inmates and who is Victoria Tune? There are various questions to be answered in this article related to the same headline. As people are demanding a detailed article on Victoria Tune and his allegations we have prepared this article after a brown study on it. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Victoria Tune

Who Is Victoria Tune?

The news of Victoria Tune’s arrest was shared by the Red River Parish Sherrif’s Office. According to the reports, three convicted juvenile males managed to escape the prison because of a security guard. The alleged security guard is identified as Victoria Tune who is currently 21 years of age. Victoria Tune is accused of involving in the escape of three Ware Detention Center inmates. Who are the three inmates? We have listed the names of three escaped juveniles in the below-placed article.

Victoria Tune: Suspect Helping Teen Inmate Escape

Reportedly, the three escaped inmates are not adults they all are below 18 years of age. Three inmates are Na’Varaya Lane who is 15 years of age, Jeremiah Durham a 17 years old boy, and Tyjuan Lafitte who is also 17 years of age. While the arrested security guard is 21 years of age. All three inmates were detained for several felony charges but they managed to breach the security system with the help of 21 years old Victoria Tune. They fleed the jail on May 14, 2022. Keep reading this article to learn more about this news headline.

Victoria Tune: 5 Facts You Need To Know

The Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office also claimed that officers have recovered a video that is displaying the 21 years old Victoria Tune security guard driving them from the jail area in a white 2010 Pontiac G6. Moreover, the Sherrif’s office also revealed the identities of the escaped inmates who were serving their sentences at the Ware Youth Detention Center located in Coushatta, Louisiana. Meanwhile, the complex of the detention center is 40 miles away from Louisiana’s northwest corner and 50 miles away from the Texas border.

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