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Vicky Ward & Jeffrey Epstein Update: The Marriage Proposal Is Giving By Ghislaine Maxwell To Jeffrey Epstein


Author and investigative reporter Victoria Penelope Jane Ward who is commonly known as Vicky Ward has made some appalling claims on the relationship of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. The journalist has written an article for The Daily Mail in which she stated as per the sources the love of Maxwell for the dishonor financier was one-sided. The 52-years-old journalist wrote in her article that “Maxwell wanted to get married to Epstein and wanted to have children but the sources informed me that though Maxwell has insisted otherwise. For the moment, Jeffrey did not want to get married and wanted to stay single.

Vicky Ward & Jeffrey Epstein Update

Vicky Ward & Jeffrey Epstein Update

He also wanted to have an affair with multiple women and wanted to sleep with them, which he usually did.” But Vicky also cited that the British socialite was fine ” they conjecture as Epstein could provide Maxwell with the same luxurious lifestyle she had grown up with. She is the daughter of the late and devious media magnate Robert Maxwell.”

Vicky Ward wrote an article on Jeffrey Epstein money for Vanity Fair magazine, informed that when Ghislaine’s father who was a British media possessor and also a conjectured spy and cheater eccentrically has demised in 1991 and she was left “less or more bankrupt ” So, Jeffrey keep looked after for the financial condition of Ghislaine, in return for her acquaint him to the glitterati. That was doctrine.” The Extraordinary Story of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner stated that her reports informed her Epstein and Maxwell “Did not live in conjunction”.

Other Sources stated that she often worked for Maxwell, however later on Epstein denied this fact. He asserted that they were not affectionately involved instead informing me Maxwell is his best friend. Although, Ward stated that while journeying the house of Epstein in the year 2002, she only watched his ex-girlfriend and ex-Miss Sweden Ava Andersson Dubin’s photographs on each wall but could not able to find any single picture of his “Best Friend”.

I even asked this question but he did not give the answer to this question and ignore it and says that there were many photos of other people as well in this house.”Presently Maxwell is in the prison after being arraigned for helping condemn child molester Epstein recruit and carnal abuse girls. Epstein trial is pending on 12th July 2021, the 59 years old advocate released the picture of her face showing confusion which is under her left eye.

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