Who Is Veronika Rajek? All About Slovakian Model Veronika Rajek Age, Instagram, Net Worth: Veronika Rajek is the most popular and well-known model from Slovakia. Nowadays, she is hitting the headlines after claiming that her Instagram account keeps being reported by people as they think it’s fake. Yes, you read it right that the model claimed that her Instagram account is getting deleted again and again as being fake. She is quite famous in Slovakia. She has gained a huge number of admirers for her extremely beautiful looks. Veronika is so gorgeous and pretty. Recently, she becomes a hot topic after revealing some claims. In this article, we are going to provide some details about the model and her claims. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Veronika Rajek

Who Is Veronika Rajek?

According to the sources, 25 years old model from Slovakia recently claimed that she has become the target of brutal trolling for her good looks. She added that her Instagram account is at risk of getting removed from the platform as many people are reporting thinking that she is not a real person. She further claimed that she has been accused of being an artificial intelligence robot and catfishing. The news of her claims has been going viral on social media and people are reacting to it continuously.

Veronika Rajek Instagram, Net Worth

The model is quite active on social media sites. She has gained more than millions of followers on her official social media handles. She often posts pictures of herself on her Instagram page. She makes regular stories from her daily routine. In her Instagram bio, she mentioned herself as a “Certified Natural face & body”. In an interview, she said, “People don’t even believe I exist… It’s pretty discriminatory that other women can do the same thing as me and I can’t”. She said that now she believes that being beautiful is worse.

She added that it hurt very much when women a slut-shamed another woman. She claimed that people believe that her body is not real and to prove to them that her body is real, she also underwent a breast examination and she shared its results with her fan community. Currently, she is living in Austria. As per her website, she was selected as the finalist in several beauty contestants including Miss Slovakia 2016 and Miss Summer 2015. She is also active on the adult content platform Onlyfans where she interacted with her fans and shared some private pictures of herself. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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