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Where Is Valerie Cincinelli Now? Ex NY Cop Accused Of Murder Her Husband


Where Is Valerie Cincinelli Now? Ex NY Cop Accused Of Murder Her Husband: Valerie Cincinelli is a former police officer. Her age is around 37 years old. As per a claim on her, she tried to kill her husband with her ex-boyfriend. She has sentenced to 48 months in federal prison when she was found guilty of obstruction of justice. Viewers would be shocked after getting the crime of a former NY police officer, who tried to hire an assassin to kill her husband, Isaiah Carvalho. She is still serving in prison after being found accused of the murder of her husband. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Valerie Cincinelli

Where Is Valerie Cincinelli Now?

She was charged with presenting her lover $70000 to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband Isaiah Carvalho. She was arrested in 2019 after confirming the crime against her. She was put in prison for four years (48 months) when she was found guilty. She could be released soon on good manners within a matter of months. That is the reason, she is getting headlines on the internet after people watched the recent episode of the dateline. We will disclose to you everything about the dateline and the current situation of former NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli.

Valerie Cincinelli former NYPD officer Arrested

Currently the former officer Valerie Cincinelli is prisoned and she used to do daily work there. She is serving her time in prison now when she was found accused to kill her husband with the help of her ex-boyfriend. As per the given interview by attorney James Kousouros, he spoke for his client Valerie Cincinelli and he spoke to Dateline about his client. She could be released soon as per her good manner In jail.

She was accused of alleged murder for hire plot targeting her spouse. She was found guilty to the obstacle of justice last year and her Murder for hire charges against Cincinell were already dropped last year. Cincinell was a former officer in New York Police, she was accused for hire a plot to murder her husband. After her arrest, she was arrested without pay and quit the police Department.

Her lawyer James Kousouros had asserted that she did not believe the murder plot has been created by her. She was a local police officer, then suddenly, why did she do this? Netizens are also confusing, how could an officer do a crime like this. Police is a department, that is used for solving people’s issues. So how could common people believe in it?

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