Valentine’s Day Sepcial: Is Tiger Shroff & Disha Patani confirming their relationship?: It is seems like, that now, love and romance is in air, and the love will now spread in air, I mean in the Bollywood as reportedly, two budding actors are now in love and it is pretty very near to their confession too. The entertainment new was broke in the twitter, on the social site and on the internet and go viral, in fact, the news started trending. Yes, reportedly, it is the Bollywood young actor and the Bollywood beautiful and the young actress Disha Patani, are most probably dating each other, already it is very interesting to note, that both actors, of the Bollywod, Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are the rumored couple of the tinsel town.

Valentine’s Day Sepcial: Is Tiger Shroff & Disha Patani confirming their relationship?

Valentine’s Day Sepcial

And it is on the last Valentine’s Day, means on the Yesterday, both B-Town movie stars, Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani, has been decided and shared matching Instagram images which raised the more speculations among the fans and media and also add fuel regarding the fact whether both actors, Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are rumored couple or it is just a rumored?

The actor Tiger Shroff, who is known for his Bollywood movies, like, Heropanti and Baghi posted a cute picture of him on his official page of the Instagram account in which he is looking just dapper and handsome with a caption, “Turns out I’m taken”, on this Valentines Day, which is already gives huge Goosebumps and fascination to the netizens of the social site, especially, the Tiger Shroff’s fans.

Netizens and fans are now interested to know what is cooking up between, Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani, and also want to know, why Tiger Shroff shared a pic with the captioned, “I am taken”?

Means, now public are keen to know about the actor Tiger Shroff and his love life which is already quite interesting and getting public’s and audience’s attention, which is also now making headlines in the social media and in the internet too.

On the other side, the actress, Disha Patani, also shared very similar kinds of pose, image which is also getting match with the Tiger Shroff’s image and his pose, which is also raised eye brow among the netizens and the Bollywood fans.

The actress, of the Bollywood, Disha Patani also wrote and put a description on her Instagram post, where she shared her image and she writes there, “Someone popped the question, and I said yes.”

Both Tiger And Disha shred similar kinds of post with the similar kinds of captioned on their instagram page, which is obviously raised eyebrow on this rumored couple whether they accepted their relationship or not or whether it is the duo gives hints of the same that they are dating each other.

The Bollywood actors, Disha and Tiger, worked together in the movie Baaghi 2, and the actor duo shared a sizzling chemistry with each other which is reflected onscreen anyway and the duo is also turn to be one of the fav onscreen couple of the Bollywood by the fans.

There are several reports in the various media house, circulated, that the actor duo is the rumored couple of the Bollywood.


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