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Who Is Usman Mirza, Islamabad harassment case Victim Jailed Video Viral on Dailymotion, Twitter, and YouTube


Who Is Usman Mirza, Islamabad harassment case Victim Jailed Video Viral on Dailymotion, Twitter, and YouTube: Nowadays, rape, blackmailing, theft are increasing day by day. We need to stop these crimes. If we didn’t stop this then it will take at a bigger level. We need to raise our voice through social media by saying enough is enough. We want to be free from these crimes and live in a peaceful world. Recently, a case has been seen out that Usman Mirza blackmailed one couple. Basically, the couple was newly married and booked a hotel for their honeymoon. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Usman Mirza

Who Is Usman Mirza?

Unfortunately, the room which the couple booked. Usman was there. He was a worker in that hotel. And he installed the cameras in that room. It was illegal and against the law but he didn’t care about these laws and forget his boss’s advice. He just wants one thing and that is money. Whatever the couple was doing all were recorded and Usman was seeing it. Now Usman has made the two copies of the videos and started sending the short clips to the couples. At first, the couple didn’t aware of this thing. But when it will be coming on a regular basis and they were now more concerned.

Usman Mirza Islamabad harassment case

And Usman sent the message to them which says. If you don’t want to spread on social media then you have to give Rs. 13 Lakhs otherwise the video was uploaded on the internet and everyone will see it. The couple was from Islamabad. But thankfully, the couple was smart. They are two steps ahead of Usman. They catch him within two days and cops have put him in jail.

Usman Mirza Video Explained

It was reported that 4 people were also involved in this crime and they will be caught soon. He is now in the prison and he was sentenced to jail for a lifetime. Eight people were among the prime suspects of the case that saw harassment and blackmail against a couple. Police have also kept an eye on them. Usman was from Pakistan and he deserves the punishment. He harassed an Islamabad couple. Cops have fined him Rs. 200,00. If he didn’t give it in six months then it will be amount will increase day by day.

Usman Mirza: Age, Family, Wife

Talking about his family. So we couldn’t fetch any details regarding his family. But it was quite sure that he is a married man. His wife and his children were also not known yet. If any information will come then we will definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.

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