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US: Military funds for Donald Trump border wall to be canceled by Pentagon


The Pentagon has stated that they have decided to cancel the construction which was meant to happen as it was declared by the former President of the United States Donald Trump about the border wall with Mexico as they are claiming that it has been done by Military Funds and they are also claiming that an unsure amount has been given back to the Military.


All of this has happened because in the year 2019 he declared a national emergency as he wanted to redirect the funding for building up a wall along the Southern Border of the U.S. and now the current president Joe Biden has taken a drastic step of issuing a proclamation that he issued on 20th January which was his first day in the office and he ordered to freeze the project that was going on in the border and has ordered a proper investigation for the same of the contracting methods that have been used and also the funding of it.

The spokesman for the Pentagon has spoken up stating that the defense department has decided to proceed with the cancellation process of all the border barrier construction that is going on which are being gone on from the funds for the military services which include Military children and the overseas collaborations with the other countries for the military training and also for the National Guard and Reserve equipment account which has been stated by Jamal Brown.

He has also stated that the returned money is going to be used for all of the projects that are related to military construction projects. It has been stated by the officials that the estimated amount has not been confirmed yet but it is about several billion dollars. It has also been stated that because of Trump’s decision that took in 2019, about 120 U.S. Military projects have been affected in an adverse manner and it seems to be a problem.

On Friday it has been announced by Homeland Security that they will be taking the required steps to make sure that there are no physical dangers due to the decisions that were taken by the earlier administration. They have also stated that the decision that has been taken by Joe Biden is going to help the Rio Grande Valley’s flood barrier system as it has suffered some severe holes because of the decision that was taken by the Trump’s administration and is also going to help the soil erosion problem that was occurring in San Diego along the wall segment.

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