Home Entertainment Urban Dictionary Names Definition or Meaning of Viral trend on Instagram Explained

Urban Dictionary Names Definition or Meaning of Viral trend on Instagram Explained


Urban Dictionary Names Definition or Meaning of Viral trend on Instagram Explained: Social media platforms are full of wonder we can easily find many fascinating and interesting trends over the web. One such new trend is currently drawing the attention of the netizens and surely most of you watched it, yes you are assuming right we are talking about the Urban Dictionary trend. Those who do know this trend must be thinking about what is the Urban Dictionary trend and why individuals are searching for their names? In this blog, we will find the answers to these questions. Netizens are gathering to Urban Dictionary to find their names and some of the consequences are less than complimentary. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Urban Dictionary Names Definition

Urban Dictionary Names Definition

The latest trend of social media is not as menacing as “climbing milk crates” or unlawful like “devious licks” but brings smiles to the definitions of names, video games, and politics. Urban Dictionary was discovered in the year 1999 by Aaron Peckham as a crowdsourced dictionary made for slang words. Over the last 20 years, the site has grown to include definitions for just about anything.

Urban Dictionary Names Viral trend Explained

A fast search of “Game Of Throne” or McDonald’s appears the definitions submitted by users that are more amusing or hilarious than in actuality. Some other terms have incorrect spelling or grammar and include NSFW language. Definitions can be submitted by anybody with an email address and mostly are not the real meaning of terms or words, but an own experience of the user. For example, the popular streaming service Netflix show “Bridgerton” is explained as “Basically Gossip Girl based 300 years ago”

“Twitter finger” is explained as: “Someone who fancies themselves as an expert of social media and tweets and retweets constantly as if every thought they have is extremely important to the well-being of humanity”. As users of social media are finding, names have equally scientific definitions on Urban Dictionary. Matthew is explained as: “Matthew means present from god, usually, a Matthew is a caring and sweet guy, he will be very clever and good at sport and so on.”

Rohana explains as: “A tiny ball of cuteness and energy and can put a smile on the face of anyone even on her bad days. She is also HIGHLY competitive so watch out.”

One social media user searched Lee Yubin and discovered: “The most talented girl in this world”

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