Home News Unvaccinated Curro Teachers May Face Retrenchment: Report

Unvaccinated Curro Teachers May Face Retrenchment: Report


Curro which is a private education provider, the employees of the education department have stated that all of the staff needs to be vaccinated before the end of this year. The CEO naming Andries Greyling has stated to the media, the education department has sent out a formal communication which they are moving towards to make it mandatory for the employees to be vaccinated. Based on this, a responsible employer, the person should do a risk assessment in order to determine the products fits in or not.

Unvaccinated Curro Teachers

Unvaccinated Curro Teachers

It has been stated, they are working with human capital so it is responsible of them to make sure they limit their risk, he further stated they have attended various laws for the laborers which are going to be mandatory, the process is going to start off for the employees who are not yet vaccinated. It has been added, the teachers are going to have an opportunity to get vaccinated in the month of July and the bulk went on to do so. He further stated the people who are not yet vaccinated are going to be consulted, he further stated if they are going to be employees who tend not to get vaccinated then the company is going to go for retrenchments.

Unvaccinated Curro Teachers

he further stated they are going to continue to respect the individual rights of a person but there is no fighting the fact, people need to take the vaccination in order to look out for the learners, staff, and parents, this is happening in order to make sure there is a healthy and safe environment in the premises. It has been announced by Curro on Saturday, their headline earnings for the six months which is the end of June have fallen by 49% which is 19.4 cents per share.

It has also been stated by the company, 1.5 Billion right issues in the month of September have helped the company to have weighted average shares to be 42% which has resulted in the reduction of earnings per share. He further stated, due to the lockdown restrictions, Curro’s revenue is lower than the comparable period in the year 2020 and also if we talk about the first half of 2019. It seems like the levels of fee discounts and bad debts have been also higher during the first half of the year 2020 which the company experienced historically before the pandemic took place.

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