As you all are a must in the swim about the unlock 3.0. Chennai people got the good news that liquor shops will be re-opening soon in the state. Its been a while that people are waiting for the liquor shops to be open and now the time has come to get their throat wet. In the past circumstances as we have seen that people are surviving in such tough kinda situations. The government keeps on trying best to the people.

Unlock 3.0

The situation we have seen in Delhi after the opening of all the liquor nobody wants to see that again in their city as well, therefore the govt decided to sell liquors in their state but keeping an eye on the situation but the govt decided to sell in a new manner with a most different style as we usually see on the shops of Chole Bhaturey like only those people will get the chole bhature.

The way in which the people of the state will get the liquor that is, only 500 passes will be distributed by govt and only those will get their bottles who are having the passes so as per this we can say that the situation will be in control and will be in a good manner everyone will be slue and that too in a safe way.

Shops will open from this Tuesday means from tomorrow. The passes will be functioning from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM. The people will get their bottle soon but only 500 people will be able to purchase that because only 500 outlets will be distributing. For getting your bottle you will have to keep the pass in your pocket. Keeping an eye on the current circumstances of the world everyone is scared of the virus and govt has not allowed before but at last, this conclusion came into force. So far we have this much information and let’s see how far will it go. We will let you know soon till then stay tuned stay strong.


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