The time which we have been trough or saying this would not bad we are still going through is never happened to human life. But we can differentiate between the recent past months that we have been through the very toughest time of human history. same we are going through but the difference is that now at least we can wonder as we like. Before telling you other details that what else will be allowed in unlock 3.0. We are in unlock 2.0 and there are almost the things allowed which affect our day to day life.

Therefore the owners of theatres are saying that centre govt should allow them to open theatres because it been four months that theatres have been closed and they are having business crises and the employees who are working in theatres are facing many financial problems. Business is not going well from the last 4 months due to the Covid19 pandemic. As per the news, Cinema theatres are likely to restart soon, therefore, owners of cinema theatres are preparing for the safety of customers and for the content which is going to appear on the screen.

unlock 3.0

The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has issued its second list about much detail of standard operating procedures (SOP) which is received by the ministry of information and broadcasting. therefore cinema owners are hopefully towards unlock 3.0. for getting permission to open their cinema theaters in august with unlock 3.0.

The CEO of PVR cinemas said that we have submitted a more detailed version to the government. and this is the very positive response we received from govt. he said that they had a few questions which we not only answered we also tell them that it is needed because several employees are unable to run their house e.t.c. hence we are hopefully saying that govt Will allow us to reopen along with unlock 3.0. I hope that in august or latest of September cinemas will up or be running. here is the tweet.


As of now two movies have been scheduled to be on-screen one is Suryavanshi which is coming on Diwali and the second is 83. Suryavanshi is scheduled to be on screen this Diwali and 83 is scheduled to be on this Christmas. Owners will keep the safety types of equipment for safety purpose.  for more updates stay tuned with us.


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