India’s increasing number on Coronavirus is really dangerous as the country has a wide population and less awareness. The Government of India announced the lockdown way before when cases were raising but things didn’t work out well. The whole COVID-19 situation started from point A and now all the country is affected by it. In this current scenario, the government can’t make the Lockdown any longer because the economy doesn’t work like this so they have come up with Unlock 1.0.

Here, are some guidelines that are required for you if you are in a mood to open the restaurants, visit outside for your office, and have a shop or want to visit the temple. You all should know that the Ministry of Health on Thursday has released some important and must follow guidelines to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Few basis things are important to maintaining in an order to start the work like normal days. Everyone should maintain social distancing in order to keep things in line.

unlock 1

Unlock 1.0 Guidelines-

  • An Individual should or must maintain the 6 feet distancing in public places.
  • The use of covers/masks is mandatory for everyone who is out of their houses.
  • Must remember to wash your hands even when they don’t seem dirty.
  • Covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow is important.
  • You must not spit anywhere in public and that is strictly prohibited.
  • One must install the Aarogya Setu app on his/her mobile.

Unlock 1.0 Guidelines for Religious Places-

  • It is mandatory to hand hygiene and thermal screening before entering in the Temple or any other religious place.
  • Only the asymptomatic persons shall be allowed inside the premises.
  • A person with a face cover/mask can only enter inside the premises.
  • Touching the idols/statues/holy books and even in bell is not allowed.
  • Large gathering and any kind of function aren’t allowed.
  • No music song group can sing any song inside the premises.
  • Physical contact isn’t allowed.
  • At a time only a few limited people can go inside the premises.
  • No Prasad/distribution or any other alike thing is allowed in this scenario.

Unlock 1.0 Guideline for Restaurants & Hotels-

  • All People including the worker or visitor is allowed to enter inside with a face mask.
  • Only asymptomatic customers/visitors shall be allowed.
  • Manpower inside the mall isn’t allowed without maintaining social distancing.
  • AC is allowed but only with a temperature of 23 degrees.
  • All Employees who are older, un-healthy, or sick are not allowed to work.
  • Pregnant employees and other medical conditions have employees should maintain extra precautions.

In the end, these were some basic important must follow rules under Unlock 1.0 by the ministry of health India. The rules should be followed properly and everyone must take the important steps to ensure the prevention of COVID-19.


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