Home News Ukraine war: Why did Supermarkets Set Limits On Sale Of Cooking Oil?

Ukraine war: Why did Supermarkets Set Limits On Sale Of Cooking Oil?


Ukraine war: Why did Supermarkets Set Limits On Sale Of Cooking Oil?: If you are living in the UK and facing the problem of a shortage of cooking oil and can’t buy it from your nearby convenience store. Then you are not the first one that was facing it. Many people were also facing the same problem. They also can’t buy the cooking oil from their nearby shops. The problem was not the UK supply. The problem was the oil that came from Ukraine has faced a war-like situation. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Supermarkets limiting cooking oil

Supermarkets Set Limits On Sale Of Cooking Oil

And the government of Ukraine has stopped so many transporting goods that were delivered from one place to another whether it goes by air, or by ship. Many citizens were facing problems right now. They don’t know what the solution to this is. There are many campaigns that have been launched for many persons to provide basic amenities like food and water. Today, in this article we gonna tell you some shops which are providing the cooking oil in your nearby stores.


As you already know, many people were facing a shortage of cooking oil and they can’t make the food according to their choice. The reason is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And most of the goods came from Ukraine which the country has put some restrictions on transporting goods as of now. Some shops were delivering the oil but in a small quantity.

Why did Supermarkets Set Limits On the Sale Of Cooking Oil?

They allow only two to three persons per limit to buy the cooking oil. Most sunflower oil in the UK comes from Ukraine, and some supermarkets have restrictions on the product, as well as olive and canola oils. Some retailers were trying to increase the production of oil and deliver it to their customers. But the supply had low because the oil which came from another country was delaying the goods while delivering it.

Recently, a Tesco statement has passed statement which they say, We have a good supply of cooking oils in stores and online. If customers can’t find the oil they like, we have many alternatives to choose from. To ensure all of our customers continue to get what they need, we have implemented a temporary purchase limit of three per customer on our edible oil range. On April 13, the National Bureau of Statistics said that the price of edible oils and fats rose 7% which was a quarter high than the previous year.

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