A lottery is a kind of gambling which involves the drawing of numbers in order to get a prize. One of the biggest lotteries in the UK and South Africa is UK49s Lunchtime Lottery. It is a daily lottery in the UK. The draw for UK49s happens twice every day. Furthermore to the UK49s lunchtime results, another teatime lottery draw has happened. Most of you are already aware of the time of this lottery but for those who are not aware of it, We will inform you in this blog along with the results of the UK49s Lunchtime Lottery. The teatime lottery has taken place every day at around 5:49 PM (GMT).

UK49s Lunchtime Lottery Results

UK49s Lunchtime Lottery Results For 24th July 2021 

The results and 49s Lottery Winning numbers are revealed around 12:49 PM (GMT). 12-16-26-35-44-49 were the winning numbers of the lottery if 24th July 2021. 47 was the booster number. The lottery timing of the UK49s varies at times. Whereas the lottery results of lunchtime remain constant but the timing of teatime lottery results usually changes. From the month of October to February, the timing of the teatime lottery is around 4:49 PM and from the month of February to October, the timing of the teatime lottery is around 5:49 PM (GMT).

Previous Winning Numbers Of UK’s 49s Lunchtime Lottery For 23rd July 2021

The 49s lunchtime lottery was previously was held on 23rd July 2021. The timing of the 49s Lunchtime lottery was taken place around 12:49 PM (GMT). 7-11-21-36-38-45 were the winning numbers of the Lunchtime lottery. 27 was the booster number. The hottest numbers which have to turn up regularly are 47, 26,15,19,17 and 39. 8,7,3,5,27 and 37 are the hottest numbers for booster numbers at the lunchtime lottery.

The Process Of Playing 49s Lottery Game

This lottery is similar to many other lotteries and for playing this lottery, the person has to draw six numbers along with one booster number from the number series of 1-49. In this Lottery, the person can either play the six numbers draw or the seven numbers are drawn. The draw of seven numbers includes a Booster ball which often increases the chances of winning this lottery. There are two options are available either the person can select their own numbers otherwise he/she can let the Dip pick randomly those numbers.

The Prize of the bet and the winning amount

The cost of each bet at teatime or lunchtime is around £1. For the draw of 6 numbers, numbers are picked and your number matches with the winning numbers then the winning amount is around £7 and for the draw of 7 numbers, the winning prize is £6. For matching 2 victorious numbers in the six draw number and the prize of this is £54 and £39 is the prize money of the draw of 7 number.


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