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Who is UK Thang Shooter? Collierville Kroger Tennessee Shooting Suspect Identified as Uk Thang


Who is UK Thang Shooter? Collierville Kroger Tennessee Shooting Suspect Identified as Uk Thang: A man has been identified by the police and this is making in the news headlines. UK Thang, a name that has been identified as the gunman. It is of the Collierville Kroger shooting. As per the police statements he took his own life after the police closed. Later police confirmed that it was only him but they didn’t yet reveal his name by keeping his identity secret. He was the vendor of the third party for Kroger, this has been unveiled by Collierville Police Chef Dale Lane.

uk thang shooter

Who is UK Thang Shooter?

As per the police, there isn’t any motive seen by them, whereas the employee of Kroger, Lawanda Clark told that she overhears the voice of the manager talking and discussing the firing at the night. She further added that “they had to take that guy pout along with them yesterday, and it was almost around 9:00 Am. Then the boss of him also joins them and they want him to be out with them. Then they also said that they are going to inform the police about everything. But he wasn’t there at that point in time as he might be left from there.”

uk thang shooter

She also said that Thang was a so calm person about he went into an argument with other co-workers, else he remains to be quiet most of the time. Clark’s words on him, “I never talked to him much, well he might be introvert personality. As per other employees, he doesn’t like to get involved in the conversation with others.”

uk thang shooter

Vivian Harris claims that she taught, she ran at the store which is on Whitehaven and was busy talking to him, because he was making the delivery at the Sushi department. She further told that “he didn’t seem happy and not even angry. But he might be so excited while I asked questions about his Sushi.”

This is all about the two hours before the shoot.

For the employees of Kroger, what has been happened is so frightening and the co-workers. And they were also unaware of the whole incident and the reason is still to be known for them. Some of the employees say that “he didn’t seem right and he even showed some of the signs that he isn’t well and there is something wrong with him.”

The investigation of the same is still on the way police are searching in a deep.

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