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UK Confirmed that ‘Confidential’ Legal Issue Should Be Resolved for Vijay Mallya’s Extradition!


A report is coming that the UK government has assured that a “confidential” legal issue is stopping them in order of the extradition of businessman Vijay Mallya to India. They also confirmed that the country is dealing with the matter quickly and they would do anything which will be required to resolve the issue. You all should know that Mallya is one of the most wanted criminal businessmen of India and he is in legal trouble for a long time.

The sources are also confirming that he has taken every route to escape the legal charges but so far nothing is working out for him. He even lost his appeal against the 2018 order to extradite him from the UK to India. Afterwards, we have seen him appealing for the matter to go through UK Supreme Court but that appeal also got rejected and now he has limited options left.

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A spokesperson from the British high commission confirmed that there are still some issues that are left and they are in confidential nature but they all need to be resolved before the UK can send Mallya to India. So you can say that his transfer from the country will not go as expected. The spoke person confirmed, “Vijay Mallya last month lost his appeal against extradition, and was refused leave to appeal further to the UK Supreme Court.”

Also, the sources are saying that the legal issues which are left to resolve are in the middle of resolving under the United Kingdom law any extradition cannot take place until it is resolved. We can’t tell you the exact issue as it is confidential but you must know that there are things which left in order of extradition of Mallya. Overall, we are desperately waiting for the issue to be resolved soon.

You all should know that Mallya is 64 who himself is wanted in India to face charges of financial offences involving Rs 9,000 crore borrowed from banks and not paying them back for his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines. Emma Arbuthnot who is the senior judge of Mallya’s extradition to India is taking things seriously and trying to resolve them.

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