Udhampur Army Helicopter Crash: 2 Pilots Killed After Army Helicopter Crashes In Udhampur, Army Officers Name, and Photos: There has been a brutal killing of two pilots who got killed after an army helicopter crashed into the hills which were near Patnitop in Ushampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, this has happened today, has been stated by the officials of the Army Aviation Helicopter, both of the majors got severely injured after the incident.

Udhampur Army Helicopter Crash

Udhampur Army Helicopter Crash

The name of the officers are Major Rohit Kumar and major Anuj Rajput were pulled out of the chopper and was taken to the hospital, it has been stated one of the senior officers that we shifted them to a hospital but unfortunately, we have the lives of both of them, it seems like the country has lost two patriots.

Visuals have been shared on the internet of the whole incident, it can be seen there is a wrecked helicopter at the scene, a cheetah which was on the hillside and the locals were trying to pull out the pilots in order to save their lives, the incident took place at 10:30 pm, this has been stated by the officials.

2 Pilots Killed After Army Helicopter Crashes In Udhampur

It has been stated by the Northern Commander of the army on Twitter, major Rohit Kumar and Major Anuj Rajput made the supreme sacrifice when it comes to the line of duty on 21 September 2021 in Patnipot, the union minister has also tweeted on Twitter stating he was disturbed after hearing the news of the army helicopter crash around Patnitop region.

Udhampur Army Helicopter Crash Army Officers Name, and Photos

  • Major Rohit Kumar
  • Major Anuj Rajput

This has been the second army helicopter crash in the last seven weeks when it comes to Jammu and Kashmir, two of the pilots were killed last month after an army helicopter crashed into Ranjit Sagar dam, the body of one of the pilots is still missing, the authorities are doing their best to recover the body which is the least which can be done for the family of the deceased but it seems like it is not found at this point in time.

It seems like both of the cases are being investigated and there are going to be more revelations about the same, there has been no such statement by the families of the deceased, it is our request to the users not to disturb the family of the deceased individuals as they must be in gruesome pain right now, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased army men.


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