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Udaariyan14th January 2022 full episode written update: Why Jasmine cuts the call?


Udaariyan 14th January 2022 full episode written update: Why Jasmine cuts the call? Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she is talking to Angad on call and says that the mission is completed. Angad asks if anyone saw her. She says that no one has seen her in the darkness and everything happened to their plan. She then says that she will call the police and catch that person. Jasmine questions him if he executed his part of the plan. Angad says that he bribed the police. Here, Satti and Rupi are stressed thinking about what Jasmine is going to do with Tejo. Jasmine tells Angad that she is going to the police now. She says that only she, the police, and Angad know that it was a fake accident.


Jasmine cuts the call. She says that let him think that it was a fake accident only. He would not know whose accident happened and when the truth will reveal, a big drama will take place. Fateh is searching for Tejo. Fateh sees Tejo and hugs her getting emotional. Fateh says that he can’t live without her. Fateh realizes that the students are coming to them and he breaks the hug. Fateh says sorry to Tejo and says that he got worried for recalling Jasmine’s words. A student notices Tejo’s wound.

Udaariyan 14th January 2022

Fateh asks about it to which she tells him that when she was coming back taking the medicine from the bus, she slipped. They all leave. Fateh feels relaxed as Tejo didn’t get angry when he hugged her. The students enjoy it. In the night, Fateh overhears a student called Neel trying to go closer to his girlfriend without her permission. Fateh takes him out of his tent and slaps him. He asks Neel to respect girls. Neel taunts Fateh saying she married a sister and then had an affair with another. Fateh says to him that he realized his mistake.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th January 2022

He says that his parents didn’t support him in his mistake and learned the lesson.  He asks her to learn the lesson with this and asks him to say sorry to her girlfriend. Neel apologizes to his girlfriend and Fateh too. He asks everyone to go and sleep. Tejo looks on. Jasmine informs the inspector about the accident and says that the victim is hospitalized. The next morning. Tejo and Fateh leave for their destination with the students.

Simran and Buzzo inform Fateh that Buzzo’s family is ready for their marriage. Tejo hears this and gets happy. Fateh says that he will talk to Khushbeer after coming back. Fateh and Tejo reach the location, while Tejo is sleeping on Fateh’s shoulder. She wakes up and gets down of the bus. Later, Tejo gets emotional seeing a rose. Fateh sees his father folding hands in front of people. Rupi comes with the police to Jasmine’s place. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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