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Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode, 14th July 2021, Written Update: Fateh starts crying thinking of Jasmine


Good Morning lovely readers, the next written update of your favorite serial “Udaariyan” of 14th July 2021 is ready to amuse its audiences. The show is constantly in the top priority of the audience in the list of watching serials due to its interesting storyline. One after another Jasmine is making conspiracy against Tejo and now even her Mami is aware of her truth that why she wants to marry Gippy. Let’s see what next is going to happen in the story. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will watch that, Fateh is worried because his brother says Jasmine is doing this wedding only because of you as she wants to see you and Jasmine happy together.


Now only because of you she is making a sacrifice, and this word leaves an impact in the heart of Fateh and he thinks that he is doing wrong with Jasmine. Actually, this is all the plan of Fateh’s brother to make him realize that he is not doing good with Jasmine. Jasmine and Fateh’s brother both are in this plan to make Fateh guilty. On the other side, Fateh goes shopping with Jasmine and he gets angry when he watches Jasmine is getting close to Gippy.

Gippy comes there and says Hi beautiful to Jasmine and then he hugs her after watching this Fateh is getting angry. Jasmine looks at Fateh and thinks he is getting affecting after watching me close with Gippy. Tejo is standing there and blankly looking at what is happening and she is happy for her sister but she is unaware that Jasmine is making a big conspiracy against her. Fateh sits in the car and Jasmine starts flirting with Gippy and he feels jealous.

Tejo and Fateh reach home and Fateh starts crying thinking of Jasmine. He starts missing Jasmine and starts reading her previous messages. After reading those messages he starts thinking about her and feels like he did wrong with her. Fateh’s brother notices Fateh’s condition and gets very much happy and thinks their plan is finally working and soon they will get the result.

Fateh’s brother talks to Jasmine and informs her that their plan is working and he himself hates Tajo and could not watch her at his home. He wanted Jasmine to be his sister in law and Jasmine says thank you to him for his support. He says no issue I have some old accounts left from Tejo. The episode ends here we will see another update tomorrow till then watch this episode of “Udaariyan ” on the colors channel at 7:00 PM and stay tuned with us.

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