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Udaariyaan Today Episode 7th July 2021 Written Update: Jasmine’s Emotional Drama In Front of Tejo!


Today’s episode begins with Gippi and Tejo as Gippi was asking Jasmine to stop the car but she doesn’t listen to him and the car hits Fateh’s bike. Tejo and Fateh fall down. Gippi gets angry at Jasmine and goes to check Tejo and Fateh if they are okay or not. Gippi helps Tejo to get her up from the floor. Jasmine attempts to help Fateh but he stops her. Jasmine tries to defend herself. Tejo asks if she is saying the truth. Jasmine says to her that she is not that bad that she will do something like this.


After that, Fateh asks Tejo to let go as Jasmine’s drama is forever. They both leave the place and Jasmine stares at them. Then Tejo comes to her house and asks about Jasmine. Satti tells her that she has gone to the party with Gippi. She asks her if Jasmine has done something wrong. Tejo says no. Sukhmini questions Tejo about her relationship with Fateh. Sukhmini asks if they are coming close to each other. Tejo laughs and tells her that nothing is like that. Jasmine warns Dilraj over a phone call saying if he won’t inform her about Tejo that when she leaves the house.

Rupi also asks Tejo how her relationship is going with Fateh and if he accepted her as his wife. She says that she doesn’t know about it but she knows that he is giving her respect as a husband gives to his wife. He asks if Jasmine interfering in their relationship. Tejo says no and tells her that he has moved on in his life. Rupi feels happy. In Fateh’s house, everyone gathers at the dining table for the dinner and waits for Tejo. Fateh tells them that she will be here in some time.

Here, Tejo leaves the house and Dilraj informs jasmine about it. Jasmine executes her plan which is that she acts like she is in a drunken state. She calls Tejo. Tejo comes to meet her, Jasmine tells her that Gippi left her after knowing about her and Fateh’s relationship. She tries to emotionally blackmail her and apologizes to her. Later Tejo drops her at home. The next day, Jasmine tells Tejo that Gippi is ready to give her a second chance only if she and Fateh clear out their matter. Later, Tejo’s leg slip in the washroom and Fateh helps her. They both come close to each other during all this. Don’t miss to watch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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