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Udaariyaan Today Episode 4th July 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Is Distraught!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she goes to the Champion academy that belongs to Khushbeer, there they both see all coachings. Fateh also gives coaching to some students. Tejo tells Fateh to practice here only in front of her. He says to her that she will not able to handle his punch but she says that she can handle it. Then he punches on the punch bag which hits Tejo and she falls down. They both leave from there to go to the office. Fateh says to her that now she gets to know that why Khushbeer likes her. She also praises Fateh saying she has moved on finally.


Fateh reaches the basketball ground, Jasmine also comes there who gives a note to a kid and tells him to handover it to Fate. The kid goes to Fateh and gives her that note, he asks him who asked him to do it. The kid points on Jasmine. He sees Jasmine and says to the kid that it is not for me. Fateh recalls how he did this for Jasmine in the past. Fateh leaves from there. Jasmine attempts to have a word with him but he ignores her. Jasmine returns to the house and says that Fateh can’t forget her. She tears her scarf.

Jasmine says that she knows that she still has feelings for her then why is he doing all this. She decides not to let that happen. She decides to do something. Satti is about to come to her so she hides the pieces of scarf. Satti enters with food and asks Jasmine to have it. Satti says that if she won’t have food properly then she will be weak. She asks her if she is upset because her aunt is here. Satti asks her if she likes Gippi. She agrees then asks her to go with food as she wants to rest. When Satti goes from there, Jasmine goes to bring water for herself.

Jasmine images Fateh is leaving her and goes with Tejo. She tries to stop them but they both go from there together. Jasmine comes back to reality when the glass slips from her hands. She decides to do something to get her Fateh back. Tejo and Fateh have lunch together at Fateh’s office. They spend a good time with each other and decides to lunch together daily. Jasmine reaches Tejo’s house when she was talking to Satti over the phone call. Tejo asks her why she came here so she tells her that she came to give her a gift from her aunt’s side. She takes the gift and asks her to go. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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