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Udaariyaan, 9th October 2021, Written Update, Tejo Hand Overs Her Locker Keys To Fateh!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she asks Jasmine if she got afraid. Tejo says to Jasmine if she will tell anything about Candy and Simran then she will reveal the truth about the burnt passport. She says if she reveals the truth then she has to leave Fateh and his house. Jasmine says to her that he will not believe her as he loves her so much, he can’t even live without her. Tejo tells her that it’s her misunderstand, she doesn’t know if Fateh will learn the truth, what will he do. Jasmine says confidently that he won’t do anything. Tejo says that he won’t forgive her ever. Follow More Updates on Get India News


Jasmine says to her that she too lying to which Tejo says that whatever she is doing to unite the family, not to break the family. Tejo leaves. Jasmine comes home angrily. Fateh asks her what’s the matter. Jasmine says to her that she always tries to forget her insults, but Tejo is talking bad about her everywhere even in college. Fateh says that she must have a misunderstanding. Jasmine says that people were talking about her and stare at her. She asks him not to believe in Tejo if she says anything bad about her. She hugs him.

Fateh thinks something is fish as Tejo is not like that. Later, everyone plays with Candy and Jasmine sees all this angrily. Tejo comes to Jasmine and asks her not to do anything as she has that burnt passport. After that, Tejo talks to Simran on the phone.  She asks her can Candy stay at Virk’s house for the night. Simran worries but Tejo says that she will handle everything. Jasmine hears them and Tejo cuts the call noticing Jasmine. Jasmine decides to get the burnt passport from Tejo’s locker. She sees Tejo is about to leave for college.

Jasmine asks Fateh that she wants academy contract papers as she needs to show them to an investor. Fateh says that Tejo has those papers and they must be in her locker. She asks her to get the keys from her. Fateh gets it and Jasmine gets the papers and passport too. She gets happy and says to her friend that now Tejo will be out of this house soon.

After some time, Jasmine makes a tea for Khushbeer and mixes a capsule in it. Her, Tejo also gives her that table as it was her BP tablet. Khushbeer drinks the tea. Jasmine gets happy. Later, Khushbeer feels dizzy while playing with Candy. He faints suddenly. The doctor comes to check him and tells everyone that it happened because of an overdose of any medicine. Nimmo taunts Tejo and Gurpreet also gets furious at her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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