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Udaariyaan, 9th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Fateh Blames It All On Tejo!


The episode begins with Teju is getting ready to visit her home to meet her family. When she reaches there she uses to talk to her father but she will be seen trying to hide her emotions from her dad. But he notices that she is upset and not disclosing it in from of him then he asks her what is wrong with her?


Teju gets emotional and she has tears in her eyes, then she exclaims another da how he is manning there. Fateh doesn’t like her which makes her upset. After this, her dada tries to make her calm and he says to her that you are my strong daughter and one you will recover lots of love from your husband and his family, have faith in gid he will bring lots of happiness for you one day.

Then she leaves from there to go back to her in-laws meanwhile in her way she notices Jasmine and stops. They used to talk to each other. Their conversation is argumental in which we will listen to how Jasmine uses to taint Teju for not telling her about the truth that Fateh lost the opportunity to get a job in Canada, and you might have done this intentionally so that you can get married to him. You were informed about this then the situation today will be different and I might be the wife of Fateh.

After this Teju replies to her that “yes you are right it’s all due to me and I’m the one who ruins your life. The decision was mine and everything is happened because of my action.” Then Jasmine says here to not show her face ever again. Later Teju runs from there and she reaches Guru Dwara and she uses to dry in front of the God she prays. And says now it is getting difficult for me to listen to bad words and blame me.

On the other side, everyone is waiting for Teju and they are getting tensed as it is too late. Then her sister-in-law tries a call to her and the episode ends here.

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