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Udaariyaan, 9th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmin blackmails Fateh


Udaariyaan, 9th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmin blackmails Fateh: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she asks Khushbeer to forgive Rupi. Khushbeer tells her to forgive Fateh. He says that people who forgive have a big heart. Tejo says that Fateh did a big mistake so she can’t forgive him. Khushbeer looks shocked. Tejo leaves. Fateh sees Tejo crying and asks the reason. She says to him that Rupi kept his swear so he should also obey his words and stay away from her. He says that he respects Rupi’s words but can’t stay away from her. She says that he can’t lose the second chance. Tejo leaves crying. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo gets stunned seeing Angad at her house and talking to her family. Angad asks her if he remembers him. Tejo remembers his love confession. Angad makes her sit and asks her to have BF with him. Tejo says that she will have it in her college. Tejo says that she is already late. Tejo says that she has scooty and goes with it. Angad insists and follows her. She says to him that she can’t keep their friendship the same, so leave. She says that she wants to live her life as per her rules. He says that she left him for Fateh if she still loves him.


Tejo says that she doesn’t want to give any justification to him. She tells him to not interfere in her life.  Angad says that what if Jasmine and Fateh will hurt her again. Tejo says to him that he need not worry about her as her family is there for it.  Angad warns her to come back to her life, Tejo gets shocked. Angad then talks politely and attempts to convince her. He tells her that Jasmine is here and she can trouble her. She asks how he knew about it. He makes an excuse. Tejo says that Fateh and Jasmine can’t affect her. Her scooty doesn’t start so she goes and takes an auto-rickshaw.

Here, Fateh is thinking about how to give a rose to Tejo. He sees Jasmine there and gets shocked. He thinks if she came to trouble Tejo. Jasmine sees Fateh with a rose and letter. She takes it from his hand and tears the letter. She asks him to stay away from Tejo. Jasmine says that she is not interested in him anymore, now she only wants to take revenge on them. In the college, Fateh sees Tejo after college hours and asks about it. She denies talking to him. He leaves and says to the watchman that when Tejo comes, call any cab or auto. He gives money and leaves. Later, Jasmine asks Fateh to be afraid of her surprise. Fateh is fighting with someone, meanwhile, Tejo slaps Fateh, and he shockingly looks at her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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