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Udaariyaan 8th September 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Exposes Jasmin To Fateh House!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he returns home recalling Tejo’s word. He thinks that Tejo has told everyone about his and Jasmine’s relationship. and gets worried thinking that how will all react. Here, Jasmine also comes to her house thinking the same. She directly goes to her room but Rupi stops her and tells her that he wants to talk to him about something important. There, everyone is preparing for Ganesh Chaturthi puja at Fateh’s house. Dadi praises Tejo saying that they are very to have Tejo as their daughter-in-law. Fateh thinks that maybe she went to her father’s house.


Here, Rupi shows his passport to Jasmine and asks how it burnt. Jasmine reminisces when she burnt the passport. Jasmine tries to avoid the topic and asks her parents what are they doing in her room. Satti asks her to stop diverting the topic. Satti then shows Jasmine’s passport and asks why she lied to them. Her mother asks if she did all this just to break her marriage with Gippy. Jasmine says yes and she didn’t want to get married to Gippy. Jasmine says now she doesn’t want to have a word about it. Her Parents ask what is she trying to do. and what is going on in her mind?

She gets angry saying that they only believe Tejo. Satti asks from where Tejo comes. She asks if Tejo is here. Satti refuses. Jasmine gets stunned knowing Tejo didn’t tell the truth in the house. Here, Fateh lies to everyone that Tejo went to her father’s house. On the other side, Tejo leaves the place without answering her parents. Rupi decides to make a call to Tejo but Tejo doesn’t receive the call. Satti thinks maybe she will be busy in puja. Here, Khushbeer asks Fateh and Amrik to bring Ganesh’s statue.

Rupi thinks it was all drama of Jasmine and wonders what is going on in her mind. Later, Fateh thinks that Tejo would have told the truth to her parents then why no one called them. Jasmine is also thinking the same at her house. She then calls Fateh and they both get to know that Tejo is nowhere neither Fateh’s house nor her parents’ house. Jasmine says that she must be with Buzzo. Fateh learns that she is not with Buzzo too.

He immediately leaves the house to search for Tejo. He tries to find her everywhere but fails. He prays for Tejo’s safety. The next day, everyone gathers for Tejo and Rupi also comes there. Everyone gets to know that Tejo is missing. Fateh assures Tejo’s father that he will find her for sure. After some time, Jasmine comes to Fateh’s home and finds Tejo there with everyone. Tejo then reveals Fateh and Jasmine’s truth. Fateh’s father slaps him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM

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