Today’s episode commences with Tejo as he questions his father about the burnt passport. Rupi tells her that Jasmine did this and explains everything. He says that Jasmine did all this drama so that her alliance broke with Gippy and then made a new one. Tejo wonders about it. Here, Jasmine is remembering Candy’s words and thinks about who is his mother. Fateh comes to Jasmine and hugs her. Jasmine shows her anger and the latter says sorry to her. Jasmine says to him that he is only happy with Candy and when she comes to him, his mood gets off. Fateh laughs and asks if she is jealous of Candy. Shy says no, she is suspicious about Candy.


She asks him about Candy’s mother then asks if he knows Tejo’s colleague. Fateh says he doesn’t and then tells her not to take Candy’s words so seriously as he is just a small kid. Jasmine feels that Fateh got attached to Candy. Here, Tejo wonders why Jasmine burnt the passport of Khushbeer instead of herself. She thinks that there is something for which Jasmine did this for sure. Fateh gives a gift to Jasmine. Fateh and his mother had a talk with each other about Candy.

After some time, Tejo comes to the kitchen and makes tea. Tejo asks Fateh for tea. He agrees. Tejo questions Fateh why he took such a big decision suddenly when they decided to make their marriage successful one and he also wanted to move on in his life. He says to her that he always loved Jasmine but when she left her in the mandap, after that he only wanted to make his life beautiful with Tejo. He then reveals that one day, Jasmine did something shocking which made him believe in her again. He tells her that she burnt her passport which was her dream. Tejo remembers Rupi’s words.

Fateh says that Jasmine is changed now and loves him so much. Tejo laughs. Fateh asks if she wants to say something. Tejo says no and gives him tea. She says that she hopes that he will get to know the truth soon and when he will know the truth, he will understand why is she laughing. Later, Jasmine tracks Tejo and reaches Simran’s house where she gets to know that Candy is Simran’s son. He made noise by mistake and Tejo, Buzzo, and Simran notice her.

Jasmine runs from there but Tejo catches her. She asks her what is she thinking to do. Jasmine says that now Khushbeer will get her out of the house. Tejo tells her if she revealed anything then she will also not be able to stay in the house as she knows the truth behind the burnt passport. Jasmine gets shocked. The next day, Jasmine again made an evil plan and this time, he mixes something in Khushbeer’s tea. Watch the full episode of Udaariyaan on Colors at 7 Pm


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